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ReadySetPresent provides value packs focused upon management, training, presentations, and business. These bundled materials combine various learning modalities, utilized by some of the top organizations in the world.

As with all ReadySetPresent products, they contain practical information, tips, techniques and exercises.
These materials have been invaluable to trainers/facilitators working with a group, and individuals learning alone.

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Adult Learners & Coaching Skills

Alcohol and Drugs & Sexual Harassment

Alcohol and Drugs & Workplace Ethics

Alcohol and Drugs & Workplace Violence

Assertiveness & Challenging Employees

Assertiveness & Communication

Basic Accounting Terminology & Fundraising

Basic Accounting Terminology & Money Management

Change & Conflict

Change & Time Management with Technology

Coaching Skills & Mentoring

Coaching Skills & Motivation

Communication & Communication Non-Verbal

Communication & Public Speaking

Conflict & Assertiveness

Conflict & Stress Management

Customer Service & Sales

Decision Making & Stress Management

Delegation & Goal Setting

Delegation & Motivation

Delegation & Procrastination

Delegation & Time Management with Technology

Diversity & Cross Cultural Training

Empowerment & Coaching Skills

Gender Differences & Office Etiquette

Generations at Work & Cross Cultural

Generations at Work & Diversity

Goal Setting & Time Management

Leadership & Challenging Employees

Leadership & Change

Leadership & Delegation

Leadership & Remote Teams

Leadership & Conflict


LGBTQIA+(plus) & Gender

Only available in WOW


LGBTQIA+(plus) & Diversity

Only available in WOW

Leadership & Motivation

Management Development & Leadership

Marketing & Sales

Meetings & Public Speaking

Meetings & Time Management

Motivation & Performance Evaluation

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Problem Solving & Time Management

Procrastination & Time Management

Recruitment, Selection & Challenging Employees

Recruitment, Selection & Interviewing

Sales & Goal Setting

Sales & Money Management

Sales & Negotiation

Sexual Harassment & Workplace Ethics


Sexual Harassment & Workplace Violence


Social Media Markting & Networking

Stress & Time Management

Stress & Wellness

Team Building & Leadership

Team Building & Recruitment/Selection

Team Building & Remote Teams

Time Management & Remote Teams

Time Management & Time Management with Technology


Workplace Ethics & Office Etiquette

Writing & Creativity