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Our goal at ReadySetPresent is to provide our customers with high quality, state-of-the-art products that are easily accessible and low in cost. Our products enhance presentations and provide practical information, advice, tips, and skills on a variety of topics.

You can order packages containing a variety of material on one subject, or purchase items individually. Additionally, there is no need to reorder because many of our products are reproducible.

Unique Products, High Quality, Outstanding Value

ReadySetPresent offers trainers, consultants, speakers, educators, HR/Personnel Managers, and any presentation professional our products at below-market prices. You can purchase reasonably priced items for a fraction of the retail cost based on industry standards. Additionally, some of our products are royalty-free!

Forget lengthy shipping periods and costs: all of our materials for professional, dynamic, and top-quality presentations can be downloaded instantly.

Many of ReadySetPresent’s products are not available anywhere else. Their value, in terms of quality, price, and accessibility, is unparalleled. We are also continually expanding with new and exciting products from other vendors on a wide range of management, business, and professional development topics.

What Can ReadySetPresent do for you?

Presentations People Will Remember

Each of our Microsoft PowerPoint presentations contains over one hundred content slides per topic and is available in several formats for easy accessibility. Our presentations are informative as well as engaging. Both the business and inspirational quotes and the complete presentation slides can be displayed with an LCD projector or used as handouts. Presentation games are also available to stimulate learning.

Many of these companies also license our products. To establish a corporate account, click here.

User-Friendly Workbooks Help Create a Learning Organization

ReadySetPresent workbooks are easy to navigate, allowing busy professionals to obtain management skills quickly and economically. Charts, case studies, tips, guidelines, and assessment tools keep users engaged and focused.

Articles Provide Practical Information

Imagine having access to hundreds of articles, including many that have appeared in top publications worldwide! Our reproducible articles may be used as handouts to augment training and learning, especially for managers, trainers, consultants, and speakers.

Educational and Inspirational Multimedia

Our audio and video content contains countless practical tips, techniques, advice, solutions, new strategies, skills, and more! Play, listen, and learn anytime, anywhere.

Our commitment to excellence

ReadySetPresent values every customer. We appreciate feedback and comments and utilize your responses to improve our products and services.

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How we started (also known as ReadySetPresent) is operated by Andrew E. Schwartz. Andrew remains a highly sought-after facilitator and training professional in the management training industry. Since 1982, his company has used his materials for the successful delivery of its management training programs. Due to the growth and success of A.E. Schwartz & Associates , School for Managers and other commercial endeavors some of his materials have been re-designed, re-packaged, and made available to the general public.