Press Release for June 11, 2009

Training & Development Company Launches New Products for Presentations

In today's economy, ReadySetPresent offers new presentation solutions for businesses, and any presenter.

ReadySetPresent now offers top-notch products for below-market prices which are invaluable for personal and professional use. Their products are available for anyone to purchase while many of their products are royalty-free! In the past, trainers, presenters, educators, speakers and facilitators might have spent hours developing their materials. However, finding materials to enhance presentations has never been easier now. ReadySetPresent offers an online store stocked full of PowerPoint presentations, value-packs, solution packs, videos, workbooks, reproducible articles, handouts, inspirational and business quotes, audio files, PowerPoint templates and much more. Customers can simply order bundled packages containing a variety of material on their subject of choice and/or order items individually.

There is no need to reorder, because most of ReadySetPresent's products are reproducible. Lengthy shipping periods and costs are no longer necessary either, since all of the materials can be downloaded instantly. Their value, in terms of quality, price, and accessibility, is unparalleled, especially because many of ReadySetPresent's products are not available anywhere else.

ReadySetPresent continues to expand with new and exciting products monthly. By using their most popular collection of Management, Business, and Professional Development PowerPoint Presentation Content anyone may keep an audience focused, stimulated, sometimes even smiling. Each Microsoft PowerPoint presentation includes over 100 slides with transitions, clipart and animation and is available in several formats for easy accessibility. Presentations are informative as well as engaging and come in two formats to choose from. Both the business and inspirational quotes and the complete presentation slides, can be displayed with an LCD projector or used as handouts. Presentation games that stimulate learning are also available. ReadySetPresent now offers value-packs which are a compilation of audio and video content for those with different learning styles. These resources are a must-have supplement for anyone interested in presenting on the available wide range of topics.

ReadySetPresent soon will enter its fourth year on-line and continues to develop new product lines, new enhancements and new topics. Just released are several new sections and 7 new PowerPoint Content topics:

  • Managing The Four Generations at Work;
  • Creativity: Your Gift Within;
  • Marketing: Letting Everyone Know;
  • Sexual Harassment;
  • Project Management;
  • Non-Verbal Communication;
  • Training Programs: Adult Learners

    Additionally, ReadySetPresent offers clear and concise workbooks that can help you create a learning organization. ReadySetPresent workbooks are easy to navigate, allowing busy professionals to obtain skills quickly and economically. Each workbook contains charts, case studies, tips, guidelines, and assessment tools to keep users engaged and focused. Also, just imagine having access to hundreds of articles, including many that have appeared in top publications worldwide! The reproducible articles may also be used as handouts to augment training and learning, especially for managers, trainers, consultants, and speakers (soon these will be available in MP3 format).

    Its Bundled section satisfies the most cost-effective purchases and combines products to accommodate different learning styles. Also, check out the educational and inspirational multimedia. Their audio and video content offers countless practical tips, techniques, advice, solutions, new strategies, skills, and best of all these products can be used over and over again. They make great additions and openers to presentations and you can play, listen, and learn anytime, anywhere. The beautiful images from ReadySetPresent's videos are also available as posters, certificates, and postcards; plus they make great gifts for family, employees, or friends. ReadySetPresent offers these numerous presentation tools, to meet individual as well as corporate needs.

    Effective training and development programs help participants develop new skills, techniques, and strategies that, in turn, help them to advance their organizations. Now more than ever, it is critical to have access to high quality content that is affordable, reusable and new. These types of resources keep employees learning and help organizations sustain their competitive advantage in today's marketplace.

    Essentially, having the right tools and materials will support any trainer, consultant, speaker, Human Resource Professional and/or manager with the development of their own skills, and allow them to deliver the final product without spending less development time and far less money.

    If that is not enough, you can hear from some of our customers:

    "I am now off on the right track • An excellent mix of PowerPoint and workbook content that all fits together."

    "Exceeded my expectations • Excellent Content • ReadySetPresent's resource materials are well worth the cost."

    Companies that have purchased ReadySetPresent Products include:

    American Express • American Youth Soccer • Blue Cross Blue Shield • British Telecommunications • Citi Group • Clay Automobile • CVS • Delta Airlines • Family Stress Center • Federal Reserve Bank • General Cinema Theaters • General Electric • Genyzyme • Harvard Business School • Houghton Mifflin • HRD Consulting Services • Marriott • MBTA • Mass. General Hospital • MIT • McCormick & Dodge • Mentor Graphics • Museum of Fine Arts • NCR • NE Journal of Medicine • NYNEX • Penwell Publishing • Raytheon • SBA • Sheraton - Sony • Textron • Times Mirror Corporation • Tufts University • U.S. Army • Westinghouse Broadcasting • Xerox

    See what can do for you and your presentations!