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Time/Self Management

"Time/Self Management" distinguishes itself from most self-help books by defying the popular categorization "psychobabble". It runs counter to the negative stereotypes of self-help books, and provides a practical and realistic approach towards measurable and long-lasting improvement:

  • I do not promise perfection or a quick fix. I offer guidance, encouragement, and the means of creating change.
  • Gradually, “Time/Self Management” teaches the steps to improve readers’ lifestyles. The book would be read, explored, and applied over time as opposed to skimmed once and then shelved.
  • Sudden, extreme improvement is easy to accomplish. “Time/Self Management” can teach its readers to permanently change their habits.

"Time/Self Management" is clean, concise, and well organized.

  • Readers won’t have to skim through the history of time management or the evolution of management theories. Our readers want strategies and answers and this is the focus of “Time/Self Management”.
  • Unlike other books, “Time/Self Management” is easy to navigate. Each chapter is precisely labeled so that readers can pick and chose the areas of most relevance to their lives. Other time management books overwhelm readers with ambiguous chapter titles and superfluous content, which eliminates potential sales. However, “Time/Self Management” caters to its audience.

"Time/Self Management" uses the personal experiences of its readers to enforce each step toward improvement.

  • Without a personal connection, commitment to change is unobtainable. “Time/Self Management” addresses our assumptions about time and provides specific, amusing examples of which most could relate.
  • “Time/Self Management” helps readers recognize their mistakes, analyze the causes and effects, and understand their path to change.

About The Author:

Andrew E. Schwartz, CEO of A.E. Schwartz & Associates, Boston, MA, a comprehensive training and consulting organization offering over 40 skill based training programs with participant coursebooks and practical solutions to organizational problems. Consults and conducts over 150 programs yearly for clients in Government, Industry, Fortune 500 companies, Hospitals, Education, and Non-Profit organizations throughout the United States. A prolific author, he has authored dozens of books, products, manuals, audio, workbooks and articles on HRD, management and training. Former manager of training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Information Services), and currently training consortium director for the Smaller Business Association of New England. Has taught and lectures at over a dozen colleges and universities, and frequently appears on radio and television.

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