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Time Management Tips

Time is a personal thing. What might seem like a waste of time for you may be highly productive for someone else. Think about day-dreaming, for instance. One person may be doing crucial planning as he stares off into space, while another may have absolutely nothing on his mind.

To become more effective and productive, managers must thoroughly examine and consider their lack of time. If training or personal change is based on the results of such examination, productivity within an organisation or department will increase significantly, and stress will decrease.

If these timewasters appear obvious to you, the time savers should appear obvious too.

Engage in creative waste basketry. Live by the maxim - “When in doubt, throw it out. ”

Don’t become a paperwork junkie. Stop creating forms for the sake of creation. Ask yourself, “What is the worst that could happen if this activity went unrecorded?” If the consequences are not crucial, save the time and paper.

Put together a daily “To Do” list. Use one piece of paper and list all the tasks you need and wish to do each day.

Start at the top. Work on your most important tasks first and make in-roads on them whenever you have 15 minutes of uninterrupted time. According to standard time management guidelines, you need to block out 40 percent of your time per week for these priorities. (B priorities take 40 percent and C priorities 20). If you determine the six most important tasks in your job, they need to comprise 80 percent of your time.

Although every hour spent in effective planning saves three to four hours in labor, few managers are willing to take that time. Just as it takes money to make money, it takes time to make time.

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