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Stress and Burn-out

Although you may not be a manager, in title we all perform managerial duties in one form or another, whether it is managing your sales clients or managing your time to make sales calls on potential clients. For this reason, the ideas presented in this text can be applied directly to you and they can be incorporated into your job activities to reduce your stress level.

Stress and irritation go hand in hand with a job in sales and, we create many stressful situations through our own self-defeating behaviors. Like sponges, we absorb stress, and, like sponges, we can absorb only so much before reaching the saturation point, which often takes the form of burnout. Burnout is a syndrome involving both physical and emotional exhaustion. It may be manifested in negative self-image, a negative attitude towards work, and a general loss of concern and feeling.

Stress overload can occur in many ways. It may occur simply when the volume of work to be done requires far more time than is available. It also may result when the interpersonal requirements of a job require a person to relate toward people in an unaccustomed manner' such as when a shy, soft-spoken manager must continually contend with aggressive bureaucrats. Stress only becomes a problem when it builds to such an extreme that we are unable to cope with it. The solution to burnout, therefore, is not to eliminate stress altogether but to maintain it at a level where it is still a positive, motivating force.

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