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The Ten Commandments of Employee Reprimands

Punishment is only a tool and must have a corrective purpose. To achieve the intended purpose, the manager must know how to administer punishment with a certain degree of finesse.

Therefore, the manager must be more than a little adept at the gentle (and not-so-gentle) art of chewing out an employee. Failing to understand this tactic ' or being unaware of the potential problems that can arise ' can seriously hinder the results. Here are the 10 most important rules managers must follow when reprimanding an employee.

Obviously, if you can obey these commandments, you will get far more mileage ' and the desired corrective action ' out of your disciplinary tactics. The physical setting for criticism needs to, of course, be one of complete privacy. The entire incident must be kept strictly confidential in order to insure the employee's fullest cooperation, and thus, realize the best results.

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