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"PowerPoint Openers"
Prime your audience with the click of a button

  • How do you start your presentation?
  • How do you set the right tone without saying a word?
  • How do you get any size group to settle down and focus when you are ready to begin?


Use these PowerPoint presentations to do all this - and more.

Delegation: Entrusting Others, Increasing Profitability

Our PowerPoint Openers add just a bit extra and an instant wow factor. They are an easy "add-on" to any presentation. Available on a variety of topics, each has been created with high resolution photographs and complementary quotes used in our Starting Point Videos. The big difference with these products is the format (PowerPoint) and the price.

Facilitators have also used our PowerPoint version during breaks to fill the empty screen allowing the slides to continuously loop. When they are ready to get participants settled and start-up again, they simply turn on the music, then turn it off and continue their presentation.

Booklet:  Each PPT Opener comes with a PDF booklet that contains the images with quotes.

Each ReadySetPresent PowerPoint Opener and companion booklet has a series of 10 quotations with high-resolution poster quality photographs. Animated and unique, you can use this PowerPoint during any presentation with an LCD projector, make handouts or copy for each participant. These PowerPoint Openers are a must have supplement for any presenter wanting something extra and for that additional audience impact.

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Some slides get distorted during conversion from PowerPoint to video. The quality of the video does not represent the actual PowerPoint file that you will receive upon purchase.

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