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Performance Management: Work and Development
Performance Management Workbook
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A.E. Schwartz
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A Work Plan and a Development Plan are two documents intended to help individuals in an organization fulfill these expectations. They keep supervisors focused and help implement decisions aimed at achieving the organization's long and short term objectives. They help individual employees focus their job responsibilities and achieve their personal goals and objectives as well as those of their organization. These documents, the Work Plan and the Development Plan, deal with the foundation and substance of every individual's work life. They help both management and the employee keep pace with each other and are basic to an individual's success and to any organization's survival. This leaders' guide will give you the tools and skills to complete a useful Work and Development document for Performance Management. Upon completion, you will be better able to create a Work and Development Plan that has value to the individual employee, the department, and the organization.

Obtain the highest quality management skills quickly and cost effectively. Every leaders' guide has been designed, developed, and written with adult learning theory and information mapping considerations. Engaging and lively content combines an optimal mix of case studies, charts, tips, and guidelines. Also included are our pre- and post-program assessments, which are highly effective tools for guiding the learning process and providing critical evaluation. Each content page has opposing pages for notes and each leaders' guide may also be used by a facilitator or as a self-study guide for self-paced learning.

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Workbook Overview

Ask yourself...

  • What is a performance management system?
  • What are the benefits of a performance appraisal?
  • What are the three main performance management strategies?
  • What is the supervisor's role in the performance management system?
  • How can employees be actively involved in the performance appraisal process?
  • How can communication be increased during the performance management process?
  • How do clear performance standards and job duties contribute to the performance management system?
  • What constitutes an effective performance appraisal meeting.

Upon Completion You Will Be Able To:

  • This program will outline the relationship between an effective and consistent set of performance standards.
  • Grow the employee who achieves or surpasses professional and organizational goals.
  • Formulate a uniform and compatible body of job descriptions, performance standards, evaluation, and interview guidelines, as well as the performance-related benefits for use in your company.
  • Make the appraisal interview itself a positive and challenging experience.
  • Collect, interpret, and use performance data.
  • Use your performance evaluation system to create a positive, motivated work climate.
  • Integrate performance appraisal into your regular supervisory routine, and utilize this managerial function.
  • Assist each individual reach his or her professional performance objectives and become a more valuable member of your team.

Additional Details

Table of Contents/Summary

This resource material has been organized for you in the following way:

  • We have introduced the topic of performance management by examining its functions and relation to productivity.

    • Pre-Test: The Performance Management System
    • Pre-Test Feedback: The Performance Management System

  • We have outlined three basic performance management strategies and have provided three models to further explain the strategies. To fully realize these three strategies, ten performance management activities need to be undertaken. We have discussed these activities in detail. Then, to round out the conceptual aspect of performance management, we have provided a discussion of its concepts, rationale, and benefits.

    • Presentation: The Performance Management System and Productivity
    • Three Performance Management Strategies
    • Presentation: Ten Performance Management Activities
    • Presentation: The Performance Appraisal Itself: Concepts, Rationale, and Benefits

  • To further expand on the benefits of performance appraisals, we have inserted exercises and the components of a good performance appraisal meeting. Crucial to the success of every performance management system is communication. To emphasize this element, we have included an exercise and a short guide on communication during performance management. Honest, effective communication will inevitably help a performance management system to reach its full potential.

    • Exercise: Benefits of Performance Appraisals
    • Exercise: What Makes a Good Performance Appraisal Meeting?
    • Review: Effective Vs. Ineffective Appraisal Meeting Behaviors
    • Exercise: Benefits of Regular Performance Communication
    • Key Points: Benefits of Performance Communication

  • We then move on to examine the manager's and employee's respective roles during performance appraisal meetings, and how the meetings can be made as beneficial as possible for everyone involved. We have offered an employee's guide to participation and a four (4) step performance appraisal form for managers. We have concluded the material by offering a review of performance management and its key points.

    • Graphic: Benefits of Routine Performance Communication
    • Guide: Improving Communication During The Performance Appraisal Meeting
    • FlowChart: Performance Appraisal Meeting
    • Presentation: Employee's Guide To Participating In
    • Performance Appraisal Meetings
    • Presentation: Preparation For The Supervisor
    • Guide Details: The Performance Appraisal Form - Four (4) Steps

  • The program concludes with a summary of the important points and a post-test which will help you check your knowledge of Performance Management.

    • Summary: The Performance Management System
    • Post-Test: The Performance Management System
    • Post-Test Answers: The Performance Management System
    • Post-Test: The Performance Appraisal Meeting
    • Post-Test Answers: The Performance Appraisal Meeting
    • Action Plan

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