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Delegating for Performance
Delegating Workbook
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A.E. Schwartz
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The challenge of today's leaders is to help prepare and strengthen others. Through delegation, the individuals you oversee are able to effectively contribute to the team. By offering significant contributions, employees will then experience higher self-esteem with regard to their responsibility in the workplace. Delegation benefits everyone by helping to make the most of people's talents in the present as well as in the future. With this leaders' guide you will learn the necessary skills for effective delegation as well as acquire methods to ensure successful delegation with a productive outcome. Additionally, you will learn to identify your own strengths and limitations in this essential process.

Obtain the highest quality management skills quickly and cost effectively. Every leaders' guide has been designed, developed, and written with adult learning theory and information mapping considerations. Engaging and lively content combines an optimal mix of case studies, charts, tips, and guidelines. Also included are our pre- and post-program assessments, which are highly effective tools for guiding the learning process and providing critical evaluation. Each content page has opposing pages for notes and each leaders' guide may also be used by a facilitator or as a self-study guide for self-paced learning.

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Workbook Overview

Ask yourself...

  • Do you feel focused or are you all over the place, unable to complete all the tasks you want to?
  • Do you worry over every detail and watch over other's shoulders to make sure things get done right?
  • Have you considered delegation, yet are not sure how it works?
  • Do you see others using delegation ineffectively?

Upon Completion You Will Be Able To:

  • Define effective delegation, describe its benefits, it's application and it's use in today's business reality.
  • Identify what skills and abilities are necessary for someone to be an efficient delegator.
  • Understand your own strengths and limitations in the delegation process.
  • Use appropriate guidelines, methods and techniques to ensure a successful delegation process with a productive outcome.
  • Generate an action plan to enhance your skills at delegation.
  • Generate an action plan to foster your ability to give and receive feedback and to communicate more effectively.

Additional Details

Table of Contents/Summary

This resource material has been organized for you in the following way:

  • We begin with an introduction and then present a pre-test which will help you determine where you are in your awareness and use of your delegation skills.

    • Pre-Test: Your Delegation Skills
    • Pre-Test Feedback: Your Delegation Skills

  • We can all point to examples in which delegation failed. Often the person who delegated was unprepared to share power and responsibility or the persons delegated to were not given the training and support necessary for success. But, what is successful delegation and why use it?

    • Presentation: Effective Delegation--A Three-Part Analysis
    • Flow Chart: Part I -- Attitudes And The Delegation Process
    • Questionnaire: Can't Delegate? Why Not? Attitude Check?
    • Worksheet: What Are Your Attitudes Toward Delegation?

  • The presentation will demonstrate that managers, supervisors and project leaders limit themselves, as well as their department's or organization's potential, by avoiding delegation.

    1. Presentation: Part II -- Choosing The Opportunities To Delegate
    2. Flow Chart: Part III -- Choosing The Right Employee
    3. Work Sheet: Choosing The Right Employee

  • A step-by-step plan that will take you through the delegation process. This is a "how to" segment and should take some of the mystery and concerns out of the delegation process.

    • Presentation: Details Of The Six Steps
    • Chart: Problems And Recommendations

  • Delegation, of course, is a people skill. Therefore the potential for human issues, problems and concerns are always present.

    • Presentation: More About The People Side Of Delegation

  • We include a special additional presentation that expands the usual use of delegation to make use of peers, other managers and your boss under specific and professional circumstances.

    • Presentation: The Art And Science Of Delegating Upward And Across
    • Application: Work Sheet For Successful Delegation

  • The resource material ends with an application work sheet, a reference guide, post-test, and action plan.

    • Summary: Today's Reality -- Delegation
    • Post-Test: Today's Reality -- Delegation
    • Post-Test Answers: Today's Reality--Delegation
    • Action Plan

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