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Workplace Ethics & Office Etiquette Complementary PPT's - 2 Packs
Assertiveness & Challenging Employees PPT 2 Pack
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Recommended for: Trainers, Human Resources, Personnel, facilitators, educators and other professional presenters in need of a comprehensive solution for their audience to learn on the topic of workplace ethics and office etiquette. A perfect package of high quality materials to augment their knowledge.

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Workplace Ethics (Modern) PowerPoint Presentation Content - 172 slides: Includes 7 points on two examples, 8 points on an organization's actions, 13 points on what workplace ethics is, 6 points on why you need to be ethical, 11 points on ethics programs, 7 points on ethics programs as insurance, 3 points on ethics programs creating citizenship, 4 points on ethics programs building values, 5 points on ethics programs building image, 8 points on ethics programs offering more, 10 points on codes of values, 11 principles, 6 points on why have a code of ethics, 19 points on why have a code of conduct, 4 resources required, 22 points on ethics of justice, 18 points on ethics of care, 32 points on the 4 steps of resolving ethical dilemmas, 16 points on ethics programs, 19 points on structure, 7 points on publicizing the commitment, 9 points on training, 9 points on managing ethics as a process, 6 points on the bottom line, 4 points on avoiding ethical dilemmas, 5 point on custom made to fit you, 5 points on consulting key stakeholders, 8 points on bewaring of outsourcing, 6 points on grant forgiveness, 5 points on mistakes, 11 points on special challenges, 28 points on key roles and responsibilities in ethics management, 46 points on decision making guides, 49 common ethic code provisions, 52 points on writing a code of ethics, and finally 16 action steps.

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Office Etiquette (Modern) PowerPoint Presentation Content - 206 slides: Includes Slides 20 points on office etiquette, 5 rules for using your cell phone at work, 6 points on important calls, 5 points on finding a private place, 7 points on where to not bring your cells phone, 13 points on the importance of email etiquette, 8 points on minding your manners in emails, 15 points on tone, 5 points on being concise, 8 points on not abbreviating, 15 points on what’s in a name, 10 points on spelling and grammar, 10 points on attachments, 5 points on making a good first impression, 26 points on 9 top office party don’ts, 4 points on keeping it simple for eating etiquette at work, 4 points on customers and your phone, 6 points on watching your timing, 4 points on considering your colleagues, 9 points on office bathroom etiquette, 8 points on office attire, 10 points on casual attire, 11 points on smart casual, 12 points on formal professional business attire, 18 points on showing consideration in open and partitioned workplaces, 6 points on smells, 7 points on tact and diplomacy, 8 points on dog-proofing, 5 points on dog manners, 6 points on harmony, 10 points on coming prepared, 8 points on expecting the unexpected, 6 points on taking out the trash, 5 points on ten-minute breaks, 4 tips for new moms and moms-to-be, 9 points on telling the boss, 12 points on morning sickness, 8 points on when to tell your co-workers, 7 points on gift-giving between colleagues, 9 guidelines for gift-giving, 11 points on giving gifts to your boss, 10 points on giving gifts to employees, 28 points on answering calls, 11 points on making calls, 5 points on reconsidering the running commentary on Twitter, 4 points on understanding @ replies, 4 points on going easy on the acronyms, 5 points on not worrying about followers, 6 points on re-tweeting properly, 22 tips on sending business greeting cards, 5 points on signing, 12 teleclass etiquette tips, 6 points on introducing yourself, 9 points on using mute and minimizing background noise, 26 basic etiquette tips for business meals, 15 points on office etiquette for recent grads, 4 points on college being over, 8 points on watching your language, and finally 16 action steps.

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