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Team Building & Remote Teams Complementary PPT's - 2 Packs
Team Building & Remote Teams 2 Pack
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A.E. Schwartz
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Recommended for: Trainers, Human Resources, Personnel, facilitators, educators and other professional presenters in need of a comprehensive solution for their audience to learn on the topic of Team Building & Remote Teams. A perfect package of high quality materials to augment their knowledge.

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Team Building (Modern) PowerPoint Presentation Content - 150 slides: Includes 3 points on what a team is, 12 points on conceptions of team, 5 points on characteristics of a team, 25 points on why teams work, 19 points on structuring your team, 12 points on team building's purpose, 19 points on intrinsic team elements, 14 points on what effective teams do, 7 slides on team development stages, 27 points on group building behaviors, 5 obstructing roles, 4 points on arriving at a consensus, 14 obstacles teams face, 14 points on overcoming obstacles, 5 slides on conflict and conflict avoidance, 15 leader responsibilities, 6 points on team performance curves, 17 points on evaluating performance, 9 points on building performance, 3 points on major change, 14 points on teams at the top, 4 things effective organizations must do, 8 points on what effective teams do, 16 action steps and much more!

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Remote Teams (Modern) PowerPoint Presentation Content - 146 slides: Includes 4 boundaries crossed by remote teams, 8 types of remote teams explained, 11 points in a venn diagram comparing traditional work with remote work, 9 Benefits of Remote Teams, 10 slides on potential drawbacks and ways to combat them, 9 points on how to choose the right remote employee, 7 points on training and orientating remote employees, 15 points on how to best communicate virtually, 8 points on building trust virtually, 15 slides on communication tools, 7 slides on specific communication tools, 6 points on how to create a positive remote team culture, 6 slides on how to create accountability, 4 points on why trust is crucial, 8 slides on how to build trust, 11 slides on conflict in remote teams, 4 things remote workers want their managers to know, 6 tips for managing global teams, 4 slides on final action steps, and much more.

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Participant Handouts Included

You receive a copy of our participant handout matching each presentation, which is an additional   value of $20.00 . These participant handouts are identical to the PowerPoint Presentation Content except that the content has been eliminated. Never simply show your presentation. Allow participants to take notes while listening to you,  fostering greater interest and retention. Our PowerPoint Participant handouts saves any presentor valuable time in having to prepare the handout themselves.

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