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Time Management & Technology (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation: 261 slides with Participant Handout with Instructor/Facilitator Notes

Maximize your time by leveraging the power of 21st century technology, which is definitely on our side. One must use technology properly or it’s a big waste of time. Thinking about time management and technology it is all about getting the most out of your life by maximizing today’s electronic systems & resources. When purchasing any technology device, make sure to select one that encompasses all of your current and potential needs. Assess what you want to gain from this acquisition and thoroughly research your options.

Each PowerPoint presentation includes tips, techniques, best practices and 18 high resolution photographs -- (a $180.00 value).

Best of all, our PowerPoint Presentations are Royalty Free, so you may Use Them Over and Over Again. You may edit, add, delete and tailor these presentations to your specific audience and style.

PowerPoint Presentation Slides Include:

  • Definition/s of time management and technology
  • Learning objectives of this presentation
  • 8 points on goal-setting software and 6 points on planning
  • 4 points on doing your research and 4 points on contact management software
  • 6 points on daily projecting and recording
  • 3 points on trying a PIM and 4 points on keeping track of your password
  • 4 points on thinking like a computer and 4 points on work time
  • 3 points on evaluation, 3 points on going wireless and 3 technology overlaps
  • 7 points on finding exactly what you need and 3 points on lacking a laptop
  • 3 points on logical passwords and 3 points on learning from your computer
  • 4 points on voice recognition software and 3 points on recording repetitive tasks
  • 3 points on power management and 3 points on guarding your wireless access
  • 6 points on in-between time and 4 points on cleaning computers
  • 5 points on automating whenever possible and 8 points on managing paperwork
  • 4 points on working toward a paperless office
  • 5 points on factoring time into your plans
  • 3 points on document management systems and 3 points on designing a master plan
  • 3 points on updating your rolodex and 5 points on telephone management
  • 3 points on storing phone numbers and 3 points on sending a text message
  • 3 points on cell phone typing and 4 points on backing up your phone book
  • 3 points on keeping an updated website and 4 points on communication
  • 3 points on utilizing email and 3 points on integration
  • 3 points on backing up your computer and 3 points on organizing your inbox
  • 3 points on podcasts and 3 points on keeping communication
  • 4 points on social networks and forums
  • 3 points on sharing and collaborating online
  • 4 points on procrastination and 3 points on changing email habits
  • 3 points on avoiding instant messenger and 3 points on regulating your browsing
  • 5 points on managing crisis and 4 points on always backing up your work
  • 3 points on checking all machinery and 7 points on striking preemptively
  • 4 points on self-discipline and 3 points on time-management software
  • 3 points on uncluttering your life and 4 home tips
  • 16 action steps and much more.

Goal Setting (using software and websites); optimize your planning by using your PDA, doing research, content management software and other simple software tools; to project and record your daily activities to maximize productivity, (plus PIM, passwords, being 'synched and thinking like a computer).

Work Time new and well-kept technological innovations, and how technology can save on paperwork and clutter by using time management software, RSS readers, hot keys, search engines and efficient use of your computer.

Our In-between time section is dedicated to just keeping up with automatization and some other in-between time saving tips, while managing paperwork addresses using UBS's, e-signatures, digital docs, ip faxes, file names and folders, and utilizing your computer's desktop.

Telephone management covers storage of numbers, caller id, speed dial, T-9, text messaging, alarms and back-ups.

Communication ensures your business doesn't falter on these ultra important time management issues (conference calls, podcasts, email, systems integration, inboxes, social networks, on-line collaboration and more).

Our slides on Procrastination will show you ways to beat this basic human tendency and addresses instant messaging, e-mailing, browsing, crisis management and crisis prevention by striking preemptively, various reminders on self discipline.

Lastly, we finish our presentation with some tips and techniques to assist you at home. Find out how to maximize your time online to avoid being caught in the jumble; all this and more!

Participant Handout Included: These participant handouts are identical to the PowerPoint Presentation Content except that the content has been eliminated. Never simply show your presentation. Allow participants to take notes while listening to you,  fostering greater interest and retention. Our PowerPoint Participant handouts saves any presentor valuable time in having to prepare the handout themselves.

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