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Coaching (Comprehensive) PowerPoint Presentation 145 slides
with Participant Handout

Being capable of coaching is an important skill that can transform a manager's scope of influence. Coaching defined is: A directive process by a manager to train and orient an employee to the realities of the workplace and to help the employee remove barriers to optimum work performance.

PowerPoint Presentation Slides Include:

  • Definition/s of coaching
  • Learning objectives for this presentation
  • Slides on the characteristics and skills of coaches
  • The benefits of coaching, three points on defensive behaviors
  • 11 points on coach characteristics
  • 10 slides on “We Need to Talk”
  • 4 slides on closed questions made open
  • 13 coaching guidelines
  • 7 points on the causes of poor performance
  • 13 points on avoiding coaching pitfalls
  • Six-step coaching model with in-depth descriptions
  • 6 slides on modeling coaching behavior
  • 2 slides on 1-miute praising
  • 3 slides on 1-minute reprimands
  • 3 slides on steps in disciplinary action
  • 5 slides on role-playing
  • 8 points on observer guidelines
  • Learning how to utilize open and closed questions
  • 16 action steps and much more.

Also included are: 6 diagrams/charts, & 14 high resolution photographs.

Plus 16 Additional New Content Pages:

  • Etymology / (Pages 7-8)
  • An Untraditional Approach / (Pages 9-10)
  • Coaching is Used for' / (Pages 11-12)
  • Can Coaching Effectiveness be Measured? / (Page 16)
  • Coaching is' / (Page 24)
  • Coaching Candidates / (Pages 31-33)
  • Setting Goals / (Page 34)
  • Kirkpatrick's Coaching Model / (Page 35)
  • Eight-Step Coaching Model / (Pages 90-91)
  • Coaching Feedback Tips / (Pages 100-102)

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