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Procrastination PowerPoint Presentation
150 slides with 4 diagrams/charts & 12 high resolution photographs
Participant Handout and Time Management Glosssary with 49 terms

Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished. This can lead to feelings of guilt, inadequacy, depression, and self-doubt among workers, and can interfere with personal and organizational success. The word “procrastination” originated from the Latin word “procrastinationem” in the1540s. It came from the combination of the beginning “pro,” meaning forward, and “crastinus,” meaning belonging to tomorrow.

Glossary: 5 pages with 49 related terms (sample terms include):

Address Book — Agenda — Allocating — Analyze — Balancing Your Life — Daily Planning — Deadline — Delegation — Interruption — Multi-Tasking — Optimize — Organizing — Paperwork — Pareto Principle — Parkinson’s Law — Perfectionism — Planning — Prioritize — Productivity — Prune — Time — Time Log — Time Management — Virtual Assistant

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the symptoms and the causes of procrastination
  • Identity critical behaviors and rationalizations to avoid
  • Defeat procrastinating behaviors and resolve their effects forever
  • Apply behavioral solutions to head off future procrastination tendencies
  • Learn and practice the self-motivation option for efficiency and greater productivity

PowerPoint Presentation Content Slides Include:

  • Definition/s of procrastination
  • Learning objectives for this presentation
  • Behavioral causes of procrastination (22 points)
    • Changing your thoughts (16 points)
    • Rationales to avoid (9 points)
    • Do's and don'ts (37 points)
  • Signs and symptoms of procrastination (6 points)
  • The effects of procrastination (5 points)
  • Time management (16 points)
  • How to approach procrastination for an employer (64 points)
  • Behavioral solutions to procrastinations (61 points)
    • Strategies for improvement (13 points)
    • Remedies for procrastination (46 points)
    • A final call for action (18 points)
  • 16 action steps and much more

Plus 26 Additional New Content Pages:

  • Etymology / (Page 6)
  • Procrastination Cycle / (Page 8)
  • Who Procrastinates? / (Page 9)
  • Are You a Procrastinator? / (Page 10-11)
  • Ask Yourself / (Page 12)
  • Why People Procrastinate / (Page 13-14)
  • 8 Types of Procrastinators & Chart / (Page 15-16)
  • Distractions / (Page 17-19)
  • Delaying Gratification / (Page 20)
  • Id, Ego, Superego / (Page 22-25)
  • Behavioral Causes Review Graphic / (Page 39)
  • Types of Procrastinators Review Graphic / (Page 101)

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