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Emotional Intelligence
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Emotional Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation
150 slides with 4 diagrams/charts & 24 high resolution photographs
Participant Handout & Emotional Intelligence Glossary with 41 terms

An increasing number of studies have demonstrated that emotional intelligence is essential for workplace success. This presentation will allow you to understand its role within the workplace and get tips on how to implement emotionally intelligent practices in your organization.

Glossary: 5 pages with 41 related terms (sample terms include):

Ability Model — Adaptability — Big Five — Curiosity — Emotional Awareness — Emotional Contagion — Emotional Maturity — Emotional Self-Efficacy — Intrinsic — Mixed Model — Optimism — Relationship Mangement — Self-Management — Social Awareness

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what emotional intelligence is, and know its major components
  • Explore emotional intelligence’s role at work and why it is important for workplace success
  • Build your ability to acknowledge, understand, and control your own emotions
  • Sharpen your listening and communication skills
  • Become better leaders, mentors, negotiators, decision-makers and sale representatives
  • Learn how to become effective group members to boost team productivity, cooperation, and creativity
  • Understand the future implications of emotional intelligence, and get motivated to start developing your skills now

PowerPoint Presentation Content Slides Include:

  • Definition/s of emotional intelligence
  • Learning objectives for this presentation
  • The difference between emotional intelligence and IQ (6 points)
  • The five major categories of emotional intelligence
  • Tips/techniques to improve your emotional intelligence (9 points)
  • The importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace (6 points)
    • Implications of emotional intelligence (5 slides)
    • Emotional intelligence and negotiation (5 points)
    • Emotional intelligence and organizational change (8 points)
    • Emotional intelligence and decision making (7 points)
    • Emotional intelligence and mentorships (7 points)
  • Emotional intelligence, leadership, and retention (13 points)
    • Emotional intelligence and hiring decisions (12 points)
  • Group emotional intelligence (11 points)
  • The future of emotional intelligence (4 points)
  • 16 action steps and much more

Plus 15 Additional Content Pages:

  • Etymology � Emotional / (Pages 7-8)
  • Etymology � Intelligence / (Page 9)
  • Goleman�s Research / (Pages 10-14)
  • Goleman�s Model / (Pages 15-18)
  • Emotional Intelligence & The Workplace / (Pages 24-25)
  • Can Emotional Intelligence Be Acquired? / (Page 30)
  • Emotions in the Workplace? / (Page 36)

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