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With our workbooks any experienced presenter can run a 1 – 3 day program. This material has been the foundation around which you can expand and augment your program.

ReadySetPresent (Leaders' Guides/Workbooks): Focus upon management, training, and business. These leaders' guides/workbooks combine learning material, practical information, tips and techniques with task-based practical exercises, utilized by some of the top organizations in the world. Each workbook can be invaluable to a trainer/facilitator working with a group, or to an individual learning alone. Now you can print on demand, at a low cost.

Our leader’s guides/workbooks will provide you with the very best program content and price available anywhere. Our leaders' guides/workbooks, are packed with practical information, pre and post tests, learning objectives, self- assessments, handouts, solutions, ideas and an action plan to measure learning and understanding. Read our descriptions for more detailed information per topic.

assertiveness Assertiveness
Responsible Communication

You will be able to identify and assess the impact of behavior on the communication process, understand the importance of body language, and practice communication techniques ... more


You will be able to effectively manage change is a critical factor for the well being of the individual as well as the organization. With this workbook you will identify the challenges for the organization, the employees ... more


You will learn effective techniques to build a coaching atmosphere for cultivating such a team. Also, you will learn to develop communication skills as a team leader to support the coaching process ... more


This material will enable you to improve your communication skills in both your professional and personal life. The program focuses on examining the communication process, common barriers ... more


You will learn the necessary skills for effective delegation and acquire methods to ensure successful delegation with a productive outcome. You will also learn to identify your own strengths and limitations in ... more

goal setting

Learn how to link organizational and individual goals to achieve results and ensure overall success. In addition, you will be able to incorporate the goal-setting process into your management style ... more


You will learn to identify ways in which employees become motivated and to develop a plan to motivate members. Additionally, you will learn how to determine realistic expectations ... more

performance management 1

This workbook focuses on the critical components of the performance management system. You will learn to identify the goals and understand the benefits of an effective performance management system ... more

performance management 2

This workbook will give you the tools and skills to complete a useful Work and Development document for Performance Management. Upon completion, you will be better able to create a Work and Development ... more

training for trainers 1

You will learn the skills and background you need to effectively teach adults. The presentations are geared towards defining the characteristics, needs, and styles of the adult learner, identifying your own style ... more

training for trainers 3

You will learn to determine objectives based on the needs of your participants and apply the principles of good program design and development to the information you need to convey ... more.

training for trainers 2

Learn to identify the characteristics of the learner/facilitator relationship, utilize methods to remove communication barriers, apply skills to improve training, plan ways to involve groups in the learning process ... more

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