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1,075 Business Quotes, Volume 1
1,075 Business Quotes, Volume 1 PowerPoint Quotes
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Our entire collection of 1,075 quotes. Each of our 42 topics includes 25 thoughtful, witty, and humorous quotes that are certain to inspire and motivate. Includes slide transitions, clipart and animation. It is a must-have supplement for anyone interested in presenting on this or related topics. Use these quotes as an icebreaker or a handout at the beginning or end of your presentation. Our list of topics includes: Absenteeism, Adult Learners, Assertiveness, Bosses and Employees, Change, Challenging, Coaching Skills, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Customer Service, Decisions, Delegation, Discipline, Diversity, Empowerment, Gender Differences, Generations at Work, Getting Organized, Giving Feedback, Goal Setting, Hiring & Firing, Interviewing Techniques, Leadership, Listening and Communication, Management, Marginal Performance, Marketing, Memory, Mentoring, Meetings, Motivation, Negotiation, Office Professionals, Paradigms/Perception, Performance Evaluation, Presentation, Problem Solving, Project Management, Procrastination, Productivity, Sales, Sexual Harassment, Stress Management, Supervision, Team Building, Telemarketing, Time Management, Training for Trainers, and Writing for Communication. Products are reproducible and ready for license. Royalty Free - Use Them Over and Over Again. Once purchased, download instructions will be sent to you via email. (PC and MAC Compatible).

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