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Coaching Skills
Coaching Skills


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Coaching Skills

This training program provides you with all you need to run a day on how to coach. The pack is designed to provide you with and easy-to-use, ready-made training resource. This workshop focuses on building understanding of what coaching is and looks at the differences between coaching, mentoring, training and counselling. Highly practical and interactive.

Suitable for Anyone whose position could involve coaching people to improve performance in their own roles. This could include Team Leaders and Managers.

Program overview:

This workshop focuses on building understanding of what coaching is. We look at the differences between coaching, mentoring, training and counselling.

DelegateParticipants are introduced to the GROW coaching model and get several opportunities to practise coaching each other using the model.

Once delegateParticipants understand the GROW model as a foundation, we start working on building other coaching skills. We look at the differences between listening and active listening and also look at how coaches can use different questioning techniques.

Building on these skills, we spend time looking at ways of building and keeping rapport going with our coaching clients.


  • To understand what assertiveness is
  • Understanding the need for assertiveness
  • To be build core assertive skills
  • Develop effective communication skills through assertiveness

Amazing Appraisals program pack includes:

Trainer's Pack (MS Word Document):

  • Program profile. A brief marketing overview of the program.
  • Joining Instructions and Pre-course 10 things exercise. Adaptable template to send to trainees in advance of the session.
  • Critical equipment list. List of equipment and tools needed to deliver the training, including all the handouts required.
  • Lesson plan. Notes for the trainer on how to run the program. This gives a detailed explanation of how to deliver the session, complete with the input and learning points that should be made and notes on how to run activities.
  • 23 pages.

PowerPoint Slides and Trainees Notes (MS PPT Document):

  • All slides necessary to run the program. You can add your details in the first and last slide. If you wish to include your logo or a client logo, this can be done in the Master Slide option.
  • Trainees' Notes are included in the slides and can be printed out for the trainee as handouts. When printing your slides to create a handbook for your trainee, select 'print' and under the option 'Print What' select 'Notes pages'
  • 36 slides.

Activity Pack (MS Word Document):

  • All materials required to run the games/activities specified. Detailed explanations of the activities/exercises used to consolidate learning are included in the Lesson Plan. Refer to the Critical Equipment List for details.
  • Evaluation form. Request trainees to complete evaluation following training to gain immediate response to your program or they can be completed and collected later.
  • 33 pages.

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