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Everyone receives and delivers customer service every day of the week in shops and offices, restaurants, contact centres, vets, medical centres, care homes, factories and hospitals. The support and service we can expect from internal colleagues is also included. This ebook will help customer service providers (on the telephone or face-to-face) understand the importance of their role and develop essential skills required in their effective performance. The aim is not just to satisfy people, but to delight them! A feature of the ebook is a 18-point diagnostic questionnaire that defines the key behaviours required of the exceptional service provider. The ebook has been written by a commercial training practitioner with over 20 years experience and nearly 50 years of watching customer service in action! It has been written as a dynamic tool to stimulate thoughts, ideas and intearctivity. It encourages the reader to: Make notes in key chapters; Complete exercises; Use diagnostic tools to reflect on own skill sets; Discuss key customer service issues with managers and colleagues; Record key development points to work on as a result of what has been learnt. The 86 page ebook covers:Know the role of the effective service provider; Appreciate the principles of customer service; Be aware of first impressions made on people; Define the true meaning of 'communication'; Understand the reasons why communication is misinterpreted; Understand the key behaviours for superior performance; Know best practice tips on emailing; Be more skilled at using the telephone; Appreciate the impact body language can make when using the telephone; Understand the 4 Ps of voice; Improve listening skills; Understand the meaning of assertiveness; Be assertive with others including saying no, disagreeing positively and dealing with challenging people; Handle irate people with confidence. Comes with multi-user licence for organisations to multi-photocopy or host on shared drive/intranet for employees to download worldwide. In addition, you have our permission to amend the products in any way e.g. add in extra behavioural situations or tailor the ebook to your organisation.

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Bryan Edwards has over 20 years experience in the design and delivery of interpersonal and managerial skills training in commercial and non-commercial organisations. Bryan is a Graduate member of the U.K. based Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and author of a wide range of ebooks, course materials and training activities.

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